Theo Kalogeracos


Born and raised in Perth, WA, Theo Kalogeracos began his journey as a baker.  Owning and operating a small, suburban bakery with his family, it wasn’t long before this led him to his passion for pizza.  This took him on the search for the perfect pizza.

A multi award winning pizza chef with a number of awards right across the globe.  Most notably from the Mecca of pizza – Italy & America.  Since 1996 he has run Little Caesars Pizzeria in Mundaring with his wife Elisabetta.  Over the years, it has become an iconic, integral part of the Hills Community.  It attracts people from all over to experience his inspired and unique creations.

In recent years, he opened a Little Caesars pizzeria in the inner city neighbourhood of Leedville and on the Northern beaches of Perth – The famous Hillarys Boat Harbour.  Both venues became popular and bookmarked another chapter in Theo’s pizza legacy.

In 2014, deciding to step away from Leederville and Hillarys, Theo wanted to move in a different direction.  He went on his first real vacation in 20 years, to the home of the pizza, Italy.  This ignited a spark of creativity.  Theo returned to the Mundaring Pizzeria and spent 8 months in the kitchen, experimenting with new flavours and developing new ideas.

In 2015, he opened his new concept – Theo & Co Pizzeria in Victoria Park and Leederville.  Just like his pizzas, Theo’s journey to becoming a master pizza chef is original.

As well as being a highly talented pizza maker, Theo is very charismatic and this has made him a popular and entertaining media talent and pizza demonstrator. He has become a household name in Australia, through his many media interviews, including regular appearances on top Australian TV shows – entertainment and cooking programs, regular radio segments and national press publications.