Property Valuers in retirement: sell or keep the house?

The feeling of being at home can mean many things. It can be associated with a person, a city or simply an apartment or a house. Property Valuers In any case, the four walls are for most people an important place of retirement and are also linked to many memories. With age, the home becomes even more the center of life.

However, with age, housing needs and requirements can change significantly. The Property Valuers may not be age appropriate. Thus, the location may no longer be ideal due to the lack of infrastructure, such as the absence of shops within walking distance, or the house is simply too big after the children have left and its maintenance is very expensive. .

Homeowners are then faced with the difficult and very personal decision of what will happen to their home in retirement. We show you when it makes sense to sell your own house or apartment in old age, what alternatives there are to selling and how to continue living in your property despite the sale.

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